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Peroxide Innovative, specially formulated neutral Carbamide PH peroxide gel.the % of which is proprietary, patents, trademarks and copyrights applied for. The bite registration tray collects the stain material as it breaks down, you remove the stains when you remove the tray.

Light – An advanced, spectrum-controlled light is positioned to apply its energy just outside of a clear lens positioned between the teeth. This unique, patented lens not only acts to guide the light into the peroxide it also helps with delivering the next factor.

Pressure – The gel is placed into pressure pockets in the bite registration tray, which squeezes them between the teeth, forcing the Carbamide peroxide gel into the tooth structure.

Heat – The combination of the tray, pressure, and light streaming through the lens reacts with internal mouth temperature to raise the temperature of the carbamide peroxide.

Exposure – anywhere from 45 min to 1.5 hours.

About Whitening

We never get a second chance to make a first impression. People are often judged by their smile, and when we are confident that we have clean white teeth we add to our poise. We feel self-assured.
Even if we brush our teeth regularly we can still have stained yellow teeth, which can detract from our overall appearance, and project an image of bad personal hygiene and neglect.

As we age (or use very harsh oral products, or eat (drink) foods which can erode our teeth enamel) our tooth enamel thins out, allowing the dark yellow dentin to become more visible. Usually you would notice half the tops of your teeth are thinner more transparent and then you see it. Dentin!

At Whiteshade, we can take off the yellow stains on your teeth and blow oxygen through the enamel and into that yellow dentin, resulting in a brighter smile. Did you know that oxygen keeps your dentin nice and white. During your treatment, you will feel about 1 million micro bubbles bursting all over your teeth allowing that oxygen to brighten up the dentin.

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